MAGGOTY CORPSE / Baptisma (tape)

Release date: 1993
Format: cassette tape
Catalog #: none

1. Carnale Desideratum (Carnal Desire) 04:23
2. Pagana Caeremonia (Pagan Ceremony) 06:01
3. Corrupta Ars (Collapse of Putrefaction of Neo-Creation) 05:02
total 15:26

Produced by Maggoty Corpse
Mixed by Maggoty Corpse and Kenji Kikuchi
Recorded at Studio Nest, Chiba in June 1993
All songs written by Maggoty Corpse

Junji Takemi Drums
Hiroya Yamashiro Guitars, Vocals
Narutoshi Sekine Guitars, Vocals
Satoshi Yoshida Vocals, Bass