NUNSLAUGHTER / Open Spulchre

NUNSLAUGHTER / Open Spulchre (CD)

Release date: 6pm 6th June, 2005
Format: CD / Limited 999
Catalog #: ORCD 666

Compilation CD for Damned. in Japan tour 2005.
Corporate release with BLOODBATH and WEIRD TRUTH.

27 tracks featuring:
- 4 tracks from the "Goat" session with different mix.
- Alternate take of the song "Cataclysm" from the "Hells Unholy Fire" session.
- Unreleased GBH cover of "Sick Boy".
- 6 tracks from an unreleased rehearsal in Feb '05 with Megiddo & Reaper in the lineup.
- Various songs taken from several recent NunSlaughter 7"s.